Our Focus

Expose, Develop, Track, Expand.


We expose your brand to consumers while they are consuming. They will already be in a consumer state of mind when they encounter your branding.


Your personal client services coordinator will be there every step of the way. Guiding you towards best practices for customer acquisition.


With our state of the art consumer engagement systems we will engage consumers on your behalf, and show you the results of your campaign.


Utilizing our cutting edge technology you will have the chance to expand your business into places never before available in your local market.

About Us

We put your business in front of real consumers while they're consuming.
Do you have a great company? Let's tell everybody!

We have this little theory at My Brand Everywhere. Call us crazy for this if you like, but we suspect, that numbers don't lie. This is why we like to follow the numbers in the types of advertising we offer. Anyone can put your face or logo on their widget. We choose however to put your face on the widgets that actually have a shot at bringing you a return. Fortunately for us and you, there is an astounding amount of information out there to help us know where those widgets are. Your days of guessing what is effective are over.

  • Be Tactical

    54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than traditional paid marketing.

  • Dont Be Fooled

    The average click-through rate for paid search in 2010 (worldwide) was 2%.

  • Be Seen

    24% of people that see a mobile ad will attempt to search for the company online.

  • Be Responsive

    44% of consumers say that they would like brands to deliver deals and coupons to their mobile devices. Our TeamTestimonialsSchedule An Appointment


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Joe Ramsey

As a business owner he learned about the value of maintaining the customer experience. It was here he saw a need for My Brand Everywhere.


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